Ski school

Ski school

Before booking a lesson, please be sure to read the information below. It will help you book the right lesson and provide answers to basic questions.

While it can confidently be said that sliding down the mountain on skis or a snowboard is always fun, we assure you that the enjoyment is even greater when you have the right technique and can feel comfortable on the snow. By planning to take a lesson during your winter vacation, you will soon see the wisdom in this step. It is the best way to safely and quickly learn the tips of skiing and snowboarding, so that you are ready to fully enjoy the ride under the guidance of an experienced instructor.


Is the mountain ticket included in the price?

All participants in ski school lessons need an Axess system smart card - if necessary, it can be purchased on the spot for €6. If the lesson takes place on a learning slope, the card is loaded with driving time for the duration of the lesson free of charge. If the student has already advanced from the learning slope, he must also buy a mountain ticket for the main slope - its price is according to the price list of the center.

Which lesson to book?
Who is group study suitable for?
Is the equipment included in the price?
How long should the study be?

Ski school price list



Equipment rental for training

Individual lesson

45 euros/50 min

80 euros/1h 40 min

+ 5 euros training

Group lesson* (2 - 3 people in a group)

35 euros per person/50 min

+ 5 euros training

Group lesson* (4 - 6 people in a group)

 30 euros per person/50 min

 + 5 euros training


Training sessions take place by prior arrangement. We recommend making a reservation at least 3 days in advance to secure a specific training time.*Group lessons are offered for beginners first experiencing skiing from the age of 10. Younger participants may attend group lessons exceptionally if they have previous basic skills. To ensure the quality of the lessons, it is necessary to inform the center's administrator of the guiding skills during the group training reservation, and the instructor will confirm the possibility of group training.

Note! The price of ski lessons does not include the ski pass.

Learning rules

  • Teaching is carried out according to the specific service ordered.
  • Individual instruction means teaching one person.
  • Group instruction is not carried out for inexperienced beginners.
  • Group instruction is only for students over 8 years old, provided that the student can independently ski on the track and perform skiing exercises without problems.
  • The instructor may make exceptions and change the nature of the ordered service if he is convinced that the students are capable of it. The instructor makes the decision solely.
  • Prior agreement on changing the service with the client, the client must pay if the service becomes more expensive.
  • The instructor waits for the client in the area between the ski track and the rental house, near the fireplace.
  • The ski school does not serve intoxicated clients.

Attention! The status of the instructors' schedules changes online continuously. If no free slots are currently displayed, please try again after some time!

Booking Guide

To make a reservation, select the ski resort > desired lesson > instructor > date > time > booking > payment confirmation

NOTE! Dates with dark underscore in the calendar selection are available. If a free date is not displayed, the instructor is already booked or unavailable on that date. To choose a new instructor, click on the "back" button at the bottom of the program and select a new instructor.

It is possible to cancel or modify the training with a refund option if the respective request is sent to 48 hours before the training.

Canceled training at the right time will be refunded via bank transfer. Reservations canceled less than 48 hours will not be refunded.


Vimka Ski School will start offering beginner group lessons on 24.01.23. The lessons are available for both alpine skiing and snowboarding beginners, suitable for those who are new to the sports.

The fee for a 5-lesson group course is 150€ and includes:

  • 1.30min. lesson
  • 2h lift ticket

Participants in the group lessons can purchase equipment at a discounted price

  • Student up to 12 years incl. 9€ per session, 5 sessions = 45€
  • Student 13+ 15€ per session, 5 sessions = 75€

On Tuesdays at 17:00, there will be a 1.40min. beginner alpine skiing group lesson for ages 8-10.

On Wednesdays at 17:00, there will be a 1.40min. beginner snowboarding group lesson for ages 8-15.

On Thursdays at 17:00, there will be a 1.40min. beginner alpine skiing group lesson for ages 11-15.

NOTE! The lessons are in Estonian. Wearing a helmet is mandatory during the lesson!

Registration and additional information:

Weather in Vimka

Thursday 20. June
15°C / 11.9°C
Friday 21. June
16.5°C / 12.5°C
Saturday 22. June
16.4°C / 11.7°C