A learning curve

A learning curve

Õppenõlvad are open and awaiting both big and small to make their first descent!

For children and the young at heart. If the sporty and steep slopes from below may intimidate skiers/snowboarders with more modest experience, then a good alternative for both children and adults is our gentle and beginner-friendly learning slope. Those who find the main slopes too challenging can learn the basics of skiing/snowboarding on our learning slope, which is under 7 years old and completely free for participants of ski school.

Once the first skills are acquired and the small learning slope seems too small, you can move on to a larger one, which is even steeper than the main slope and is especially suitable for snowboard training.
Due to current weather conditions, the large learning slope is closed.

During stormy and heavy snow/ice conditions, the ski lifts are closed!

Weather in Vimka

Thursday 20. June
14.8°C / 12.1°C
Friday 21. June
16.6°C / 11.8°C
Saturday 22. June
16.7°C / 11.6°C