Vimka's story

Vimka's story

Have you outgrown the playgrounds? — Vimka is a new level!

No matter if it's winter or summer outside, Vimka is made for adventures.

In physics class, they talk about the speed of light, but at Vimka, life goes at adventure speed! You don't have to wait for the weekend or school break to become a Vimka person. No! Vimka is so close,
come right after classes!

So how close is it actually? Well, if you live in Viimsi, you'll get to Vimka from school faster than you'd get home! But if your home is in Tallinn, you just hop on a bus in the city center and you're on the hill in half an hour.

Come with your gang or take the whole family along and show them that you're just as skillful in the fresh air as you are in virtual reality!

Life is epic.

Vimka – Fun beyond.

Weather in Vimka

Thursday 20. June
15°C / 11.9°C
Friday 21. June
16.5°C / 12.5°C
Saturday 22. June
16.4°C / 11.7°C