It is probably already common news that the pre-sale of season tickets for the Kuutseka & Munaka snow centers in Vimka Otepää has begun.

In recent years, we have experienced a snowless and particularly warm winter (2020), a pandemic, and an energy crisis. The coastal climate of Vimka is significantly more unpredictable than in the Otepää centers, and there is also no opportunity here to preserve snow over the summer as has been done at Kuutsemäe for the past three seasons.

Due to the situation, we have started the active sale of season tickets for the three centers a little later, when the slopes of Vimka are open and there is a more secure long-term perspective. If you are already confident, then read on ????

The NEW season brings good news: a joint season ticket for Vimka, Kuutseka, and Munaka makes the ski passes at Finland's proud ski resort Levi 20% cheaper!

Levi has been open since October 6th (including cross-country tracks) – for true mountain fans whose longing for snow has become unbearable, there is now a great and more affordable opportunity to ski or snowboard before the opening of the home slopes.

Out of the desire to rescue true fans to the snow as quickly as possible, we started selling season tickets for Vimka earlier than usual, and exactly when the home mountain will be opened is uncertain.

Although the number of season tickets on sale is limited* (due to the capacity of the slopes), we still recommend not to rush with the ticket purchase. Before making the purchase, be sure to familiarize yourself with the terms of use of the season ticket!

*the center has the right to stop the sale when the limit is reached

If the desire for winter sports is strong, click HERE!

To order a family ticket for the three centers, write to ;

Invoicing for family tickets begins after 25.10.23.

Wishing you a soon and snowy winter and cool mountain experiences!