Hey friends!

Last Thursday, 23.03, we were still getting the mountain ready in the morning to open at 4 pm, but the spring sun mercilessly melted some very strange-colored substance on the slope by the opening time.

The forecast was promising - in some places, it even showed several tens of centimeters of snow for this week. However, not as much snow came as promised. Due to the intermittent heavy rains, the north side was badly melted, so there was nothing left but to declare the season over.

Once again, a good example that years are not the same - last season lasted remarkably long - until April 17th, this year almost a month earlier on March 21st.

Despite the slightly early end, it was still a great season. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO VISITED VIMKA THIS WINTER!

The good news for season ticket holders is that the ski season is not over in Otepää. Vimka's sister centers V-Munamägi and Kuutsemäe will continue even into April, and Kuutsemäe will have a great end-of-season event on Saturday - carnival, bikini skiing, after-ski, etc.

At V-Munamägi, the plan is to continue all the way to Easter.. And actually, skiing and snowboarding is not quite over at Vimka either - Vimka's head track master and park builder spread a large jump and made a cool rail line out of it. Everyone is welcome to use it. Of course, completely free of charge.

For those whose mountain sports cravings are not satisfied even with the beginning of April, we remind you that Vimka's partner center Levi operates in Lapland all the way until May 7th.

You can read about the discounts for Vimka season ticket holders at Levi here.

Thanks again to all visitors and see you in the Vimka Summer Park, opening in May!

Sunny spring to you!